About Start Fresh

Start Fresh is a lifestyle & personal finance blog for South Africans who are ready to get out of debt once and for all. Learn how to improve your financial well-being & build a happy marriage & life.

We hope to build this blog into a resource for people who are struggling financially, and feeling hopeless – not knowing where to start. We pray that here you may find encouragement and strategy to apply in your own situation.

We are big fans of Dave Ramsey and his Financial Peace University, Total Money Makeover and the Seven Baby Steps. We fell around in our debt crisis for 6 years before stumbling upon his pod-cast. It was a watershed, life-altering moment – the line where we draw the before // after parts of our story. We started this blog because we realised that Dave Ramsey is not well-known in South Africa, and so much of the financial advice and cultural assumptions about money in South Africa are either incomprehensible to the “man on the street”, unhelpful or just plain wrong.

We will be researching and demystifying many of the financial issues we all have to deal with, from buying a house to belonging to a medical aid.

We made most of our debt in the year we got married due to bad advice we were given at the time. We were like a four year old with a chain saw. We had just started out our careers, and had no clue how to manage finances responsibly. Cue Disaster Music. We hope to raise our children with more street-smarts and financial insight so that they are better prepared for that crucial first stage of their working life. We don’t blame our parents, you don’t know what you don’t know. A friend recently summarised our situation so well: “You are fighting this battle, once and for all. You are taking back this lost ground for the next generation.”