Build a Happy Family

We live in a time when marriages fall apart around us faster than they are made. The secret to success in this area of your life *might* be easier than you think. It’s not so much about chemistry than it is about choices. A good marriage can be an amazing blessing to your life, and the best gift you could ever give your children.

Our Miracle Baby

I have to apologise for not blogging much during 2014 – here is my reason: God did a miracle for us! After eight years of marriage and five years of trying for a baby, our daughter was born in January of this year. We could not be happier! Best of all, we were able to cash-flow the entire pregnancy and birth, as well as my short maternity leave, so no new debt!

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Discussing Your Relationship

Discussing your relationship with others

This might be a touchy topic, but here goes. We get married to our dear darlings with all the hope in the world that we will always be awesome together and never ever fight about anything. But then Life Happens. There is a misunderstanding, feelings get hurt. Disillusionment. Conflict. Things spiral out of control. Disappointment. Confusion. Discussing your relationship with friends & family Our natural reaction is to want to talk to our friends and family about our relationship problems, in an attempt to…

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The 5 Love Languages

“The one who chooses to love will find appropriate ways to express that decision every day.” – GARY CHAPMAN, author of “The 5 Love Languages” I would like to recommend a very useful relationship-building tool for couples: The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. Sometimes, the way you show love is different from the way you partner receives love. Understanding you and your partner’s love languages will help improve communication and connection, and root out many of the relationship misunderstandings…

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A Breakthrough Moment

The back-story We entered our marriage with the odds stacked against us. We had fallen in love, head over heels, just a year earlier. I moved to his town and left all my friends and family behind. We moved in together before we were married, breaking some serious promises we made to ourselves and God. We entered the marriage with an enormous amount of debt. My parents had a broken or difficult marriage from the start, so I really had…

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