Cooking for two is strange because of the odd quantities of things you need to make recipes. I used to avoid freezing things unless I knew it could freeze well, so I avoided buying vegetables in bulk. Also, I seriously dislike the smell of raw or frying onion in our apartment. Sometimes, It hangs around until the next day. Ugh. Cutting onions irritates my eyes for hours afterwards.

A couple of months ago, when I started trying out freezer cooking for the first time, I found a 7.5kg bag of onions on special at Fruit & Veg. Usually, I would buy those small pockets with 5 onions at Checkers for something like R10. I thought I would give the big pocket a try, and googled “freezing onions”. This one was surprisingly easy:

Just process the onions as if you are preparing to use it in a recipe: Peel & Chop. Then, put them in bags in the freezer. Use when needed. That’s it!

Freezing Onions by

I love it, I’ve been using the first batch of onions for a few months now. It’s super convenient and my house doesn’t have to smell like onion at dinnertime.

Disclaimer: Something strange happens to the onions when they are first freezing, so be warned – your freezer will seriously smell like onion for a few days. {This passes though.}