The only plastic you will ever find in my wallet these days: Loyalty Cards for Cash Purchases. South Africa lags behind the USA on worthwhile coupon or consumer rewards programmes that does not involve signing up for credit, but there have been some new developments in recent years.

Although these programmes are designed to encourage customers to spend more at the specific store, I would never adjust my spending behaviour in order to gain points. However, we do sign up for these programmes when they work with our shopping preferences and helps us on our debt free journey.


We have had some nice results with eBucks, since we already buy most of our groceries at Checkers and usually pay for petrol with our debit cards. We have come into the habit of using our eBucks to buy prepaid electricity through FNB on-line banking. At the moment, this works out to almost a whole week or free electricity per month!


We only recently joined the Dis-Chem Loyalty programmer for three reasons:

  • You gain loyalty points that you can spend on purchases in-store {not a lot, but it all ads up}
  • You can ALSO swipe your eBucks card with each purchase and gain some ebucks – you can even buy items in-store with eBucks {using your eBucks card.}
  • An extension of the Dis-Chem Loyalty Programme is the Dis-Chem Baby Club: If you sign up during your pregnancy and spend R300 on baby products, you will receive a free bag with products worth R300 in your 3rd Trimester {at around 30 weeks}!

Checkers EeziCoupon

Before we go to Checkers for grocery shopping, we first check the Checkers EeziCoupon app on our phones to see if any of the items on our list qualify for a coupon discount. Last time we went shopping, we saved R7 on a total bill of R600 – so its not much, but it is worth it for the little effort it takes to do it.


This is Woolworth’s Cash Rewards programme that includes perks such as instant 10% discounts on products when you buy, as well as special vouchers and even giving back to charities.

WRewards become really awesome when you link it with a Littleworld Membership!

Pick and Pay Smart Shopper

We don’t really shop at Pick and Pay at the moment since we live in a small town and we don’t have a Pick and Pay Hypermarket {Only the smaller, more expensive supermarket-type}. I have heard that some people enjoy the rewards that come from using their Smart Shopper programme, so if you buy your groceries from Pick and Pay anyway, sign up for this one!

Clicks ClubCard

Like most South Africans,  I have belonged to this programme forever since it was/is compulsory to have a ClubCard when making purchases at Clicks. Usually, I just ignored the vouchers I received in the post {because I did not shop their often, the amounts were usually very small.} Then we moved a couple of times, and I actually have not seen any of their vouchers or post for a few years. Well, since we do shop there occasionally, and we always swipe the Clicks ClubCard anyway, I decided it was time to update my postal details with them and start making use of their vouchers from now on.

Edgars Thank U Card

I am not a big fan of Edgars in general because it is one of the companies in South Africa where most people have massive amounts of high-interest debt. FYI: Edgars is not actually even a clothing store – it is a financial services company with a clothing and home ware store front.

However, to their credit {ha! pun intended} they brought out a cash loyalty card a few years back called the Edgars Thank U Card. On average, you get 100 Thank-U points for every R10 you spend, and then every 10 000 Thank U points is worth R10. You can spend these points in-store or on-line. In other words, for every R1000 you spend at Edgars, you will get R10’s worth of Thank U points back.

We do shop at Edgars occasionally, so I signed up for this programme, although I think it will take a long, long time for me to build up enough Thank U points to buy something substantial.

Side note: Beware of scams

Within an hour after completing some account detail updates for a couple of the programmes listed above, something strange happened. I received a call from a company called eRewards. I was confused, because I am registered with National Opt-Out so call centres are not allowed to cold-call me with sales pitches by law. I kept asking the person where he got my details {Name, contact number etc} and he said from the national consumer database {Yes, this is the database where National Opt-Out laws applies!}.

My only conclusion is that signing up for one of the above programmes triggered an alert of some kind that put eRewards on my trail {I opted out of third party marketing on every single one of the programmes above, so this contact from eRewards was clearly unsolicited and against the law}. eRewards {and similar companies} do not appear to be above board: see this Hello Peter complaint. Their unproffessional website and lack of information, or ANY MENTION of membership fees, just raises all the red flags for me.


There is no such thing as money for nothing, so if it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.

Do you make use of cash loyalty programmes?

If so, what would you recommend or add to this list, what worked best for you?