Have you heard of M4JAM?

Make some easy extra cash with Money for Jam

My husband and I have been having fun with this project over the past few weeks. Together we have been able to make a couple of hundred bucks in extra cash by completing various quick surveys and tasks in our area. A welcome budget stretcher for those daily odds and ends.

How does it work?

From their website:

“M4JAM takes big jobs from reputable companies and breaks them into smaller jobs, allowing Jobbers to complete simple tasks using their phones in exchange for cash, while going about their daily lives.

M4JAM connects brands with communities and job seekers. So, whether you are a company that has jobs to be done, or if you are looking for a fun, simple way to earn extra cash, M4JAM ensures a win-win situation for all. Join our growing pool of Brands and Jobbers to experience the power of ‘money for jam’ for yourself!”

What you need to get started:

All you need is a smart phone with camera, some mobile data and the WeChat app installed. Check out the M4Jam website for more info.

We could all use a little bit of extra cash, and the tasks take less time to do than updating your Facebook status!